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Given the history of the plundering of public forests, politically driven efforts to increase federal logging need no promotion. The enviro groups who are, nevertheless, promoting more logging are doing so under the politically correct guise of "collaboration."


These special interest groups play into industry's myth that more logging will restore forests, local economies, and lost tax revenues. Called "thinning" or "restoration", collaborative logging provides cover for unreformed management agencies to offer operations in younger stands as bait, then switch to logging far more mature timber.


Board Members of Our Forests have reviewed dozens of logging operations spawned by collaborations labeled as 'restoration' or 'thinning' in both Eastern and Western Oregon. Most of the larger collaborative operations, especially those logging older native timber stands like the Extra Timber Sale, are bad for both the trees and the taxpayers.



Roy Keene and Samantha Chirillo are finalizing a short report of their findings with specific examples and  images. We'll be posting this report on our website. Roy plans to start a blog with updates.

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